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72 Gallon Planted
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Name72 Gallon Planted
Size72 Gallons
C02 System5 LB, Milwaukee Regulator, 3BPS
FertilizerKNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4, Seachem Florish
InhabitantsTwo Firemouth, Red Zebra, OB Peacock, Johanni, Marbled Sailfin Plec, Rubbernose Plec, four Nerite Snails.

Plants: Anubias Nana Wrinkled Leaf, Ludwigia, Cabomba, Red Wendtii, Balansae, Marimo.
FiltrationFluval FX5
Aqualife 15W UV
LightingWavepoint 4X54 T5HO
3 x 6700K, 1 x 460 Actinic
DecorPumice stone, Columbia River driftwood, Floramax
AccessoriesRexx Grigg DIY CO2 reactor,
FoodBlood Worms, Mysis Shrimp, Cichlid Crisps
From SeaHorse on 11/27/12
This tank is amazing!! Have the plants grown out more now?
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