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55 gallon
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Name55 gallon
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock45ish lbs....mixed fully cured, dead base rock and dry live rock
Sumprecycled 24 gallon tank. holds about 17 gallons, protein skimmer heater pre filter sock
Power Head(s)2 550 gallon per hour
Protein Skimmerreef octopus in sump skimmer
RO/DI System5 stage
Lighting Scheduleactinics 6:30 am to 7pm, daylights 7am to 6:30 pm LED moonlights at night
Flow Rate1100 gph
Top Off Sourcero/di water 2 cups in morning and 2 at night
Inhabitants(2) ocellerus clown fish, (1) royal gramma basslet, (2) super tongan nassarus snails, (2) margarita snails, (2) small feather duster worms - came with my rock, and (5) little hermit crabs
FiltrationProtein skimmer and live rock
Lighting48" 4 bulb T5 HO fixture with blue LED moon lights
Temperature76 plus or minus a degree
DecorRock pile, plastic barrel
AccessoriesDiver that has bubbles coming out of his butt, thermometer
FoodMysis shrimp, flakes, pellets
From alexandro on 12/26/12
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