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First fish tank
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NameFirst fish tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants2 glo tertas,5 neons, 5 X ray pristellas,2 red and 2 blue glo danios, and a flower shrimp,java fern
FiltrationMarineland prefectflow undergravel filter with a maxijet 400 as the power head, marineland penguin 150 over hang filter.
LightingLED day with 3 blue moon LEDs
Temperature78.2 degrees
Decora mask,3 zebra rocks to make a cave,artifical pink stoney coral,artifical plant purple(tall),pink fray artifical plant(med), artifical clam two, short artifical moss plants green and purple,two silver artifical plants next the zebra rock, a bubble wand in the back and a airstone upfront.
Accessoriesmagnet cleaner, whisper air pump.
Foodterta color flakes and blood worms for diet change up.
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