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Sid's Big Party Palace
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NameSid's Big Party Palace
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size210 Gallons
Live Rockabout 225 pounds
Sumpmarineland IV
Protein SkimmerMarineland 300 and 100
InhabitantsHeniochus acuminatus (2) H. diphreutes, Chaetodon Lunula (2) Pomacanthus Annularis, P. Navarchus, Acanthurus japonicus, A. Bariene, Gomphosus with the mos'es
FiltrationTrickle down. Powered by two Marineland 5500 pumps.
Lightingfluorescent/compact fluorescent much in need of an upgrade
Temperatureas the weather wills within reason.
DecorLive rock and live sand. No burrowing fish, so only a thin layer of substrate.
Accessoriesa couple propeller pumps stashed behind piles of live rock.
FoodSpectrum pellets, Instant ocean gel-based foods, frozen mysis, krill, angel formula, angel butterflly formula, marine cuisine, life line herbivore minced diet, algae sheets fed in copious amounts.
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