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SubstrateBare Bottom
Size0 Gallons
Inhabitants5 felines of the siamese/oriental persuasion, claws and all, wreaking havoc in no small measure on small ceramic collectibles and mini blinds.
Filtrationcharcoal filtered recirculating water fountain.
Water taken from the 55 gallon sword tanks is filtered by two emperor 28 filters.

Water drunk out of toilet is woefully underfiltered!

Lightingambiant, halogen, incandescent, and occasionally candlelight and strings of white mini-italian
Temperaturewhatever nature serves up, moderated by two window A/C units and steam heat
Decoreclectic, worn, arts and crafts, asian and IKEA
Accessoriessparkly balls, furry mice, feather wands, cat nip, twist ties, plastic rings from milk jug, occasional live houseflies house centipedes, and moths
Foodchicken thighs, chicken livers and egg yolks, Vitamin B, E, Taurine, salt and Salmon Oil lovingly ground up, bones and all and served raw,

Young Again brand dry cat food
From jentralala on 06/13/13
Awh! They're adorable :) What's the orange one's name?
From Chesh on 01/24/13
Nice tank! LOVING the lil' guy with the GIANT ears! OMG, so CUTE!
From aussieJJDude on 12/05/12
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