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Brazilian Zebras.
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NameBrazilian Zebras.
OwnerTankfull Tropicals
Size135 Gallons
Inhabitants7 Wild L046 Zebras, 4 male + 3 girls.
FiltrationRiver manifold C/W !10 Aquaclear power head and 2 #5 Hydro sponge.
Lighting2-40 watt. grolux
Temperature78' - 84' f.
DecorDriftwood, plants and 8 - 1 1/2" >Pleco caves
FoodLarge variety. Flake, Algae wafers and live food.
From Chesh on 09/08/12
Had to do a Google search on these guys - very cool fish! Is this tank still up and running? (wish these things had a date)
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