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The horde of Bristle nose
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NameThe horde of Bristle nose
OwnerTankfull Tropicals
Size135 Gallons
Fertilizerfish only
Inhabitants200 young and old Bristlenose plecos and 50 - L270 > F1 Chocolate Pleco fry
FiltrationUndergravel small corner and sponge on Aquaclear 110.
Lighting1 - 40 watt. x2 x 48" florescent
Decorstone and driftwood.
FoodVariety of falke wafer and fresh live. Brine shrimp and earthworms once a week when avail from my garden.
From DragonFyre14 on 09/08/12
Love it. beautiful plecos. :)
From Chesh on 09/08/12
The hoard, eh? I'd love to see this tank fully! Is it still up and running? What a fun idea. . .
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