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Little Community tank
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NameLittle Community tank
Size6 Gallons
C02 Systemno
FertilizerFluval Stratum,Seachem Flourish
Inhabitants6 Pigmy Cory's,5 Micro Rasboras,2 African Dwarf Frog,1 Cherry,1,3Zebra Snails,1 Guppy,2 Panda Loaches
FiltrationThe filter that came with the Fluvel Spec
LightingLED white,blue lights
DecorDriftwood,Betta log,Compacta,Opiopogon Japonica,Others i can't remember
AccessoriesTetra HT10 50wt heater
FoodBrine Shrimp,Omega One flake,Spectrum Thera + A pellets
From mbuna112 on 07/28/13
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