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Gideon's 20 gallon long Community
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NameGideon's 20 gallon long Community
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Mickey Mouse Platys,
5 Peppered Cory Catfish,
12 Neon Tetras,
1 Gourami
FiltrationWhisper HOB
LightingT8 Daylight
Temperature78 Degrees
DecorDowned plane, bubbling Treasure chest, driftwood and fake plants.
FoodAqueon Tropical Flake Sun & Thurs
Freeze-dried Bloodworms Tues & Sat
From Chesh on 07/20/13
Heeheee, cute tank, Wake! I bet little Geo just LOVES it! Kid tanks are so much fun, cuz' you get to have a blast with all the kitschy goodness like the bubbling treasure chests, and they just get SO excited! Any updates on this tank? Changes made since you posted it? Inquiring minds want to know!
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