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90 gallon
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Name90 gallon
Size90 Gallons
InhabitantsLionhead goldfish (red and white), Pascal.
Oranda goldfish (tri-colour), Paisley.
Ryukin goldfish (orange), Parker.
Ryukin goldfish (bronze calico), Paris.
Lionhead goldfish (black), Petra.
Fantail goldfish (calico), Piper.
Oranda goldfish (orange), Penelope.

From Olympia on 02/07/14
No sadly. I am not living in the same town as these guys. These pics are also VERY old.
From aussieJJDude on 02/07/14
WOW, those goldies look so colourful! Any chance for a FTS??
From rickey on 11/28/13
Will you marry me?
From Chesh on 03/16/13
Heehee, I just saw this pop up at the top of the screen and was all like I KNOW THOSE SQUISHY FISHIES!!! >.< They've gotten bigger, you need new pics!
From bayhay69 on 03/06/13
I LOVE the last pic !!! It looks like they are all posing !! CUTE !! Just now setting up my 65 gallon for some Goldies !
From teeneythebetta on 09/23/12
Beautiful tank & fish! Considering the size goldfish get to, this tank is perfect for them.
From Sanguinefox on 09/23/12
Emerald Terror, some goldfish get big and need larger spaces. Do some research dude.
From djembekah on 09/23/12
From Emerald Terror on 09/23/12
Love the fish. They look awesome, but why use a 90 gallon tank for goldfish?
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