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Joz 220Gal Planted Discus
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NameJoz 220Gal Planted Discus
Size220 Gallons
C02 SystemAuto controller, ph monitor, inline diffuser
FertilizerFlourite Eco-complete, Flourish, Flourish excel, Discus trace minerals
Inhabitants12 Discus, 20 various neon tetras, 6 glofish, 4 small plecos, 40+ ghost shrimp (algae eating), 2 frogs, 8 cori cats
FiltrationFluval FX5, Aquatop CF-500UV using Fluval Skimmer for intake, 24W Green Killer UV-

RO/DI water change setup.
Lighting4x90W AquaUFO UltraBlend LED
DecorPlanted with 3D background and some driftwood
FoodBeefheart mix, worms, omega pro, discus granules
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