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220 Gallon
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Name220 Gallon
OwnerCanadian Fish
Size220 Gallons
FertilizerLiquid and tabs
Inhabitants11 x Black Skirt Tetras
8 x Congo Tetras
1 x Chinese Algae Eater
3 x Banded Leporinus
1 x Blood Red Parrot
1 x Ropefish

Filtration1 x Aquaclear 110
1 x Rena XP
Temperature25 C
DecorFake Hollow Rocks and Caves for Loaches
Artificial Plants
2 x 12" air stones
Amazon Swords
AccessoriesTetra Whisper 100 Air Pump
FoodVarious flake food and sinking pellets. Occasionally alternate between frozen and dried blood worms.
From Emerald Terror on 10/28/12
I love clown loaches and bala sharks. They are so peaceful and will look awesome in this tank good luck.
From Canadian Fish on 10/22/12
We have 5 Bala Sharks to add to in once it has cycled. They reach up to 14". Also going to be adding clown loaches when the tank is establised. They get quite large, though it takes years.
From Emerald Terror on 10/14/12
I love the tank but why use a 220 gallon tank for such small fish. I could only dream of a 220 gallon with a beautiful silver arrowanna or a couple large oscars.
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