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20 Gallon Planted
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Name20 Gallon Planted
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemIsta Pressurized CO2 System and Seachem Flourish Excel
FertilizerSeachem Flourish, Flourish Iron, and Flourish Excel
Inhabitants6 Tiger Barbs, 1 Dalmation Molly, 1 Albino Skirt Tetra
FiltrationFluval 106 Canister Filter and an AquaClear 50. No Carbon just the foam pads and Biological Media
Lighting20" Odyssea 72 Watt HOT5. This includes 4 18 Watt plant bulbs. The fixture also includes 4 blue LED's.
Temperature76.5 Degrees F.
DecorSome Rocks and Plants. Fluval Stratum for Substrate
AccessoriesHand made Fish Stand/Cabinet
FoodBlood Worms, Pellets, and Flakes.
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