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My form of therapy
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NameMy form of therapy
Size29 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Blue Dwarf Gourami
8 Ghost Shrimps
4 algae eater shrimps
1 Sunset Molly
1 Swordtail
15 tiny infant Guppies
FiltrationEmperor 280 Bio Wheel
Lighting30" bulb 120 volt/20 watt ( I think this is right)

Decor2 Roman Columns (very neat lookin), a huge fake log/stump, and some fake green plants. (still too scared to try live plants)
AccessoriesLED Bubble Light Strip, & one of the Roman Columns has a bubble stone in the back

FoodTropical Flakes, Tetra Cichlid floatin pellets, Hikari Sinkin Wafers, & sometimes I throw in a few Algae Thins

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