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SubstrateBare Bottom
Size5 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
InhabitantsInfusoria, Daphnia, Scuds, MTS, RamH, Pondies, LBB's = Little Baby Bettas

DragonFly Larvae 11-10-2012 (Have no idea how long this predator has been in the tank.)
FiltrationAquaClear 150 aka AquaClear 30
Lighting6500K Mag Light, 6500K OTT-Lite.
DecorVarious plants & two types of driftwood
AccessoriesJava Fern, Anacharis, Elodea, Riccia, Hornwort, Coontail, Ceratophyllum demersum, Myriophyllum (watermilfoil), Utricularia, Ludwigia R, Java Moss, Duckweed, Willow Moss, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Black Oak
FoodMicrobes, Scuds & infusoria.
From Chesh on 12/02/12
I really like this tank! Very, very cool. . . how do you keep your colonies of food critters going?
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