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Sherry's big tank
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NameSherry's big tank
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsAngels, Rosy Barbs, Cardinal Tetras, Panda Corys, BN Pleco and a Siamese Algea Eater.
Filtration75g HOB , 2 air stones
Lighting2 - 48" flourescent tubes.
Temperatureabout 74- 76
Decoraritficial plants, ( hoping for real soon) driftwood, black gravel substrate
Foodtropical flakes, sinking shrimp pellets, algea wafers, bloodworms, frozen and dried, dried shrimp, fresh veggies....
From Aquaken on 08/27/13
Hi Sherry, I cannot say i like it because i am very against artificial plants. sorry.
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