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First Tank
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NameFirst Tank
Size6 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Glowlight Tetras
2 Penguin Tetras
4 Male Guppies
FiltrationFilter Included with Pets at Home 24L Starter Tank
LightingSeparate Hood with 2 x White T5 and 1 x Moon T5. I just have the 2 whites on because the moon bulb is skitty and I have disco fish after half an hour.
Temperature27 degrees C
DecorTreasure Chest, Pirate Tigger, Sailor Pooh Bear and a snorkeling Cow, i.e. Myrtle. 5 plastic plants - 3 tall, two short.
AccessoriesDigital Thermometer, 100W heater, AV Mini Air Pump.
FoodAquarian Tropical Fish Flake Food
King British Freeze Dried Bloodworm
From KatSea on 03/14/13
Its cute
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