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Gus and Friends
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NameGus and Friends
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Male Veiltail Metallic Betta
1 Julii Cory Cat (as that's all they had)
1 Blue Mystory Snail
10 Ghost Shrimp
1 Marimo Ball
FiltrationAqua Tech 5-15 power filter with bio-fiber biological filtration
DecorGlass Jars, plastic plant, small castle, and rainbow cave.
AccessoriesThermometer, Tetra heater, turkey baster (for cleaning gravel) and Tetra Aerator (currently looking for an air stone).
FoodOmega One Betta Buffet
(other foods still to be purchased...)
From bayhay69 on 01/04/13
I LOVE that clear redish "hidey hole" in the back left corner you have for your little Red fella.Does he ever go in there ? Very Neat !!
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