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OwnerJodie Wan Kanoby
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants4 x Zebra Danios
1 x Red Platies
3 x Male Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish
3 x Bosemani Rainbowfish
6 x Red Irian Rainbowfish (3M, 3F)
3 x Zebra Loaches
1 x Moonlight Gouramis
1 x Bristlenose Pleco
2 x Stripped Raphael Catfish
1 x Spotted Raphael Catfish
FiltrationAquaclear 70
Temperature24 C
DecorPlastic plants, Fake hollow log, Diver, Bubbling Waterfall, Malaysian driftwood, 24" Bubble wall.
Tetra 100 Air Pump
FoodTetra Crisps
Frozen Bloodworms
Shrimp Pellets
From yyankeeyankeefan on 11/27/12
i love your rainbow fish! they are so awesome!
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