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First tank
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NameFirst tank
OwnerCole mccallister
Size40 Gallons
InhabitantsGiant Danio#4, Red-Finned shark former#2 now one:( , #1 male splendens male betta,#1Plecostomas, #4 mollies white 1 male 1 female. 1 black female 1 creamcicle male and #1 dwarf gourami
Filtration50-60 and 40 gal filters
Lightingroom light
Decortons of plastic plants and 3-piece put together cave rock with no hide spots except roof and a rainbow cave real cave this time;) and a real castle now.
Accessoriesoxygen pump
Foodalgae waffers, no algae type will grow, tropical flake food, tropical medley color enhancers and on occasion tropical-subtropical fruit:) and bloodworms
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