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Tropical forest
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NameTropical forest
Size35 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish Plant Supplement
Inhabitants11 Guppys (5 males, 6 females)
4 swordtails
4 platys
2 shrimp
6 Amazon Swords
1 water sprite
1 pennyworth
1 Anubias Barter
1 Hygrophila Corymbosa
1 Rubin Sword
FiltrationAqauClear 70
LightingCoralife dual T5
Temperature75 F
Decor2 pcs malaysian driftwood
1 large rock
Accessories1 air pump with air stone
Elite Heater with themostat

FoodFlaked food
Blood worms
From Canadian Fish on 11/24/12
Looks great! Love what you did with the plants and driftwood!
From Kelly100 on 11/17/12
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