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20 Gallon
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Name20 Gallon
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants(From right to left)
Unnamed-Male Crowntail betta
Zeus-Male Veiltail betta
Hermes-Male Veiltail betta(Ed the Clow Pleco temporarily)
Itachi Uchiha-Male Delta/Super Detlatail betta
FiltrationAqueon Power Filter 20
LightingSimple Table Lamp
Temperature78-80 Degrees F
DecorClay pots, silk plants, rocks
FoodHBH Betta Bites/Hikari Algae wafers, Frozen Bloodworms, Frozen Brine Shrimp
From Saphira101 on 12/27/12
*drools* I love your fish!! (and your tanks, you're a great aquascaper) :)
From bettalover2033 on 11/25/11
Your blue HM female looks so pretty!
From dorabaker on 09/26/10
that blue short finned betta is soo gorgeous!
From fish fan on 07/25/10
I am so glad to hear that you do rescues. I had Kissing Gouramis that killed Franky my Beta, he was the first Fish I got,and I had him longer than any of the others. I'm glad you saved one.
From d0r0g0 on 04/09/10
Pics of your fish look great! I wish I could get my camera to work that well - or my fish to stay still longer
From dramaqueen on 02/22/10
I love your pics!!
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