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75 Gallon MR. Nubbins
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Name75 Gallon MR. Nubbins
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size75 Gallons
InhabitantsOne Handi-capped Midland Painted turtle, no front feet, Male

FiltrationFluval 303 Canister
LightingStill working on how to get the lighting in place. Heat 50 watt and UVB 24" hood.
Sept 2014 moved the 24" temp. Added two spot lamps.
DecorRocks, plastic plants with bare bottom. Looking to fill with river rock.
AccessoriesTurtle dock
Python hose for cleaning and water changes.
FoodMeal worms, earth worms, dried shrimp, Turtle pellets. No feeders... hoping to get some... need to see if he can catch them. Thawed fish or shrimp.
From Destinystar on 06/15/13
I love Mr. Nubbins and Goldie !
From thekoimaiden on 05/03/13
They look so tiny in the 75!! :)
From yyankeeyankeefan on 12/23/12
can't wait to see pics uploaded!
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