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Kuro's 2.5g
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NameKuro's 2.5g
Size3 Gallons
InhabitantsKuro (grizzle Vt betta)
Nerite, Horned Nerite, Cherry Shrimps x 4
FiltrationAzoo mignon 60
Lighting6500k 23w CFL
FoodNLS, Hikari, Live tubifex, Live Black worms, FD blood worms, shrimp, borneo wild staple M...
From Keleborn on 09/06/13
I'm with Perlumia; that's a 3 gallon? Love it!
From Saphira101 on 05/13/13
Kuro is a beautiful fish!!
From BrianREWobbema on 05/10/13
you got talent with you tank set ups they look awesome
From jakinthebox on 04/27/13
Kuro looks very happy!
From Perlumia on 02/01/13
That is a beautiful tank! I can't believe it's only 3 gal.
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