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Nursury tank
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NameNursury tank
Size20 Gallons
InhabitantsMany babies. Right now I have a mix of creamsicle luretail mix babies, many red painted swordtails, calico platies, gold platies, blue platies a few mix swordtails and platies, some lemon yellow/cream guppies, and many guppies of unknown types. I also have a few unknown babies in there.
FiltrationTopFin filter and cartridges.
LightingHood light: Ultra Sun Super Daylight 6500k bulb
Temperature78-80 degrees
DecorBlue gravel, several plants including a few types of anubias and anacharis and other stem plants I cannot remember exact names, sorry. The giant anubias quickly out-grew that tank and is now in my 55 gallon...outgrowing it as well.
AccessoriesVacuum count? Fry nets, nets, cups, buckets and a heater that came with the tank so I do not know what brand it is.
FoodAll protein foods are the frozen kind: tubifix worms, Mysis, brine shrimp, baby brine shrimp, mixed fresh veggies(This is the main diet, proteins are treats), Aqueon Tropical Flakes and Algae Wafers.
From Chesh on 12/02/12
it's so blue and green... I like blue and green. Very soothing colors... making me sleepy! :)
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