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Size25 Gallons
InhabitantsNeed new homes for all:
1 Common Pleco, 9in
3 Black Skirt/Widow Tetras, 1x1.75in & 2x1.5in
3 Serpae Tetra, 2x1.5in, 1x1in
2 Gold Barbs, 2x2in
Plant of unknown species (looks like Moneywort but that's not quite right)
Filtration92-110gal flow rate
Lighting19 watt fluorescent bulb
Temperature76-80 F, mostly a stable 78 F
DecorAn archway, a bridge, a rock, a glow-in-the-dark ship, a treasure chest. All except the rock are plastic.
AccessoriesAutomatic heater
FoodNo feeding Saturdays
Flakes twice daily
Pellets twice daily
Dried Blood Worms once daily
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