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gi gi newby tank
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Namegi gi newby tank
Ownergi gi
Size20 Gallons
FertilizerTetra flora pride
Inhabitants8 platties,11fry,3 small striped algae eaters.(had 2 bamboo shrimp molted and died
FiltrationPenguin150 with biowheel-1 filter pad with carbon
Lighting1 standard aquarium hood bulb, one sung low aquarium bulb- 24 inch
DecorAssorted rocks, aquarium tree stump(cut in half),sea shells, two plastic plants. All were boiled.
AccessoriesBubble strip( now turned off) read it interfered with establishing tank- fry tank
FoodDry tropical flakes, feed alternately with frozen, hikari baby brine shrimp , - san francisco assorted spirulina, blood worms, vegie cubes
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