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my community tank
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Namemy community tank
Size30 Gallons
C02 Systemhome made 2 liter with yeast an sugar ;)
FertilizerSeachams liquide , api root tabs
Inhabitants8, cherry barbs

6, guppies saphire/fancy/leopard
5,dwarf frogs
1, bristle nose ploc.
1, plain plocs.
1, algae eater
various snails and ghost shrimp
FiltrationWhisper EX45

LightingBasic hood with T8 daylight bulbs
Temperature78-80 constant
Decor2,castles one large one small
Monopica branch in corner
2, peacock ferns
el-nino fern
2, purple flowering lilly
1 green lilly
dwarf swords 3 patches
2 patches of unkown grass type plants
AccessoriesTetra submersable heater
FoodOmega One for the fish
tetra veggies for plocs
Zoo meds pellets for the frogs
Froozen blood worms and glass worms ( mosqitoe larvae) also
made by Hikari bio pure
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