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Piece of Paradise
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NamePiece of Paradise
Size37 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourish Comp, Seachem tabs
16-Cherry Barbs
8 - Emerald Catfish (Emerald Brochis Splenden)
1 - rehomed Pepper Cory
3 - new pepper corys
4-Tiger Snails
10 (?)-Malaysian Trumpet Snails
6 (?)-Pond Snails
10 - Red Cherry Shrimp
FiltrationMarineland C220 canister
LightingMarineland double bright LED array
DecorDriftwood and rocks
Bright higher light side::
Amazon swords
Dwarf sword
Nesaea red leaf (African) removed
Java moss
Giant Vallisneria
Dwarf Hygrophila removed
Cardamine Lyratada (Dwarf Pennywort) removed
Pennywort (floating)
Red Hygrophila
Bacopa Caroliniana
Aponogeton crispus (? 2 varieties)
Mayaca fluviatilis (Bog Moss)
Low light shaded side::
Java fern
Windelov Java Fern
Crypt 1
Cryptocoryne Wendtii (2 varieties)
Cryptocoryne unknown
hundreds of duckweed plants
FoodNewlife Spectrum medium sinking pellets
From aussieJJDude on 08/29/13
Wow, your tank is awesome! Such a cool tank! :)
From BrokerTamara on 05/18/13
The tank is great. My Betta would love it!
From JDM on 01/29/13
Thanks, Yes, if left alone it likes to move to the bright side. It needs to be corralled or it provides too much shade.
From VerdantGrotto on 01/29/13
Nice Job with the plants! Does the duckweed prevent too much light from reaching the other plants? I'm wanting to get a floating plant but not sure what yet.
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