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200 plus Coral
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Name200 plus Coral
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size200 Gallons
Sump100gal specialist computer controlled, running in conjunction with filtration system.
Power Head(s)4
Protein SkimmerBubble King
Calcium ReactorDaStaCo system
Controller/Timercomputer controlled
Lighting Schedulecycled day/night/ computer controlled
Flow Rate5,000 gals per minute
InhabitantsYellow Tang, Flame Hawk, Chromis, Clown Fish, assorted damsel, Rabbit Fish Other invertebrates: Cleaner shrimp, chestnut cowrie, royal urchin, blue linka starfish, snails, black brittle star
FiltrationComputer controlled Specialised filtration
LightingSpecialist Growlux T5, UV
Temperaturenight time 72-78
Day time 78-81
it fluctuates depending on computer program
Platgyra (Brain), Yellow Sinularia, Colt Coral, Euphyllia (Frogspawn, Anchor varieties), Capenella, Sarcophyton, Caulastrea, Anthelia, green star polyps, Assorted mushrooms, lobbophytum, Turbiania, Yellow Polyps
AccessoriesProtein Skimmer, chiller, 100gal refugium; Reef has been up and running for 8 plus years
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