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the main tank
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Namethe main tank
Ownercommunity cichlid
Size40 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Sun Catfish, 1 Rainbow Shark, 1 Albino Senegal Bichir, 1 Kissing Gourami, 3 pleco one Juvi, 6 African Cichlids[f Ice Blue Ahli, m Electric Johanni, m Yellow Lab, m Fuelleborni, Two m Jewels(one slightly bigger than the other).]
Filtration265gph fountain pump /w filter material and a 950 gph circulation pump for current.
LightingTwo 24 inch single florescent with a 24 inch double in the front middle.
Temperatureusually about 76 to 80
Decor2 pieces of brancy driftwood. multipul flat rocks creating tunnels/caves floating large plant.
Foodbrine shrimp flakes with shrimp pellets. frozen spirulina shrimp tablets, krill and frozen peas.
From VerdantGrotto on 02/22/13
This tank makes me want to start a Cichlid Tank!
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