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The Verdant Grotto
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NameThe Verdant Grotto
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemLiquid CO2 booster (Never actually used it yet)
FertilizerRoot Tabs , SeaChem Flourish Comprehensive
Inhabitants(3) Pepper Corydoras Catfish
(4) Bronze Corydoras Catfish
(2) Bristlenose Plecos
(1) Male Scalare Angel
(5) Ghost Shrimp
(7) Black Neon Tetras
(1) Bolivian Ram
(1) Small Bamboo Shrimp
(1) Tiger Nerite Snail
...and snails
FiltrationMarineland Bio-wheel 350
Rebuilt Filters using Pond Filter Pad
Activated Carbon Media (very small amount used in one filter cartridge)
LightingAqueon 48" T5 Dual Lamp Fixture
Bulb 1 : 6,700k Daylight 14watt
Bulb 2 : Colormax 14watt
11 hours (9:30am to 8:30pm)
Temperature76.8 Deg. Fharenheit +/- 1 degree
Decor3 pieces of Driftwood (1 resembles a cave)
Stone-Slate Cave System
1 Large piece of Mopani (Removed due to a toxic Fungus)
3 Red Ludwigia bunches (Fresh Starts)
1 Valisneria (Specific type unknown)
1 Chain Sword
1 Red Melon Sword
1 Ruffled Sword
1 Medium Anubias attached to driftwood.
1 Elodea Densa
1 Small Patch of Micro Swords
3 Cryptocoryne Parva
Small Grouping of Amazon Frogbit!
Randomly Placed River stones
1 Large Artificial Stump
AccessoriesDigital Thermometer
Algae Brush
Gravel Siphon
5 Gallon Minnow Bucket
Quarter Inch Plexi-glass covers
+ various Aquaria tools
FoodWardley Shrimp Pellets ...
TetraAlgae Vegetable Enhanced Crisps..
Algae Wafers...
... and Frozen Brine Shrimp or Live BlackWorms as a treat!

From aussieJJDude on 06/21/13
Wow, i love the cat "ornament" on the stand, looks awesome! The angel is beautiful, and the tank is nicely set out...
From Devilfish on 12/30/12
Probably a weird comment, but that stand is beautiful. A nice change from the bulky ugly cabinets you usually see. The tank looks great too :)
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