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55 Gal Livebearer Tank
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Name55 Gal Livebearer Tank
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemAPI Co2 Booster
FertilizerAPI Leaf Zone liquid fertilizer and Saechem Root Tabs
InhabitantsMollies, platies, swordtails, a couple fancy guppies/Endlers, a male three-spot gourami.
FiltrationAquaClear Multi-Stage Filtration System for 40-70 gallon aquariums(with mollies heavy duty is better, but I still turned it down a little lol)
LightingFloraSun lamps like in my other tanks, 6600k bulbs I believe
Temperature78-80 degrees.
DecorDriftwood, several types of stem plants and anubias, and a sword plant. One rock cave and a vase my grandma got for her tank but it was too big, so I was forced to take it. LOL It's ugly and orange, nice hiding spot everyone enjoys though.
AccessoriesPump, bubbler I haven't set up yet. Vacuum count? lol Nets, buckets, the same as all my tanks. :3 Dunno if those are the accessories being asked about though.
FoodAll sorts of mixed veggies, emerald entree, brine shrimp, Glassworms, Mysis, Daphnia, Tubefix worms, Color enhancing tropical fish flakes, algae wafers.
From CM1429 on 05/13/14
That orange vase looks great in contrast with the blue gravel.
From tropicalkass on 12/15/13
Really nice tank!
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