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Aquarium of the Gods II
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NameAquarium of the Gods II
Size100 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
InhabitantsZeus (Male African Albino Clawed Frog); Hera (Female AACF); Poesidon & Hades(Dragon Gobies); Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Athena & Apollo (Assorted Cichlids); Demeter & Dionysus (My 2 large snails)
FiltrationDual flow Bio Wheel
TemperatureNot regulated, I live in a temperate climate.
DecorLarge River Rock & Small Assorted Rock.
AccessoriesLarge Fake Tree Root Habitat, Ancient ruins, Fake Coral, Fake Tree, Large Fake Plant, & Ancient Archway.
FoodBlood Worms, Tubi Fix Worms, Feeder Fish, Cichlid Pellets, and Algae Wafers.
From jsagrav on 01/20/12
I don't recommend bathing with Cichlids. They may nip!
From Ramenuzumaki on 12/16/09
amazing tank and great choice in fish! you should take a pic of the whole tank so we can see the entire set up and size of the tank :)
From paradise4nangel on 05/27/09
This tank is hudge, I could bathe in it. I am learning how to care for Dragon Gobies, which need brackish water, while still maintaning a habitat suitable for the other inhabitants. The Cichlids are chaging color, and the Frogs are growing every day. This is truly the neatest fish tank I have ever owned!
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