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Male Betta Tank
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NameMale Betta Tank
Size5 Gallons
C02 SystemAPI Co2 booster
FertilizerSaechem Root Tabs
Inhabitants One Male Red and blue Betta named Mister President, and two Ivory/blue Mystery Snails.
FiltrationFilter was built into the tank, I don't know what type it is.
LightingLight also came in with the tank, but I got a red bulb that helps a bit with plants.
Temperature80 degrees
DecorDark purple-y red gravel. Variegated Japanese Dwarf Rush(the grass plants), a couple stem plants.
FoodFrozen Brine Shrimp, Glassworms, Daphnia, Mysis, and tubefix worms. On rare occasions he gets some frozen Bloodworms.
From Sylverclaws on 12/26/13
Actually, all the plants died when I first started, took a while but they all just kinda fell apart. I wasn't sure why...boosts didn't help, neither did tabs, so the next time I tried I didn't use any of those things and they do just fine now. No problems with them. We do have a bubbler with an airestone on it now though, so maybe that did it. =)
From redthebetta on 12/25/13
I love the tank! I've never seen Co2 in such a small tank! How do the plants grow?
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