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Size29 Gallons
Fertilizerflourish excel
InhabitantsPresently, 4 platys, 1 sherpa tetra
Filtration1 Aqua Clear 50, 1 Penguin 200, going to up grade to canister next month
LightingPresently, 1 T8 Flora Sun. Am ordering a Aquatic life dual T5HO in the morning
Temperature77deg F
DecorDriftwood, Rocks, Ceramic tree stump, Valm Anubia, Hygrophlia, Amazon Sword, Crypt (green & Red).

Aqueon Pro 100W heater

Aqueon Pro 100W Heater, ordered 100W Jager for backup in main tank

FoodTetra Color flake, Hikari dried Brine Shrimp & Omega One dried tubifex treats
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