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Size26 Gallons
FertilizerDuplarit K balls
Inhabitants5 Platy females and 4 Bristlenose Catties. Platy fry, Ramshorn Snails, Pond Snails, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, amount unknown.. lol
FiltrationFully pressurised, 3-stage bio filter and water pump, with adjustable water flow
Lighting2 x 13W T-5 tubes
DecorPlastic plants, rocks, lamp and bell hidey places, natural gravel from my parents old cychlid/frontosa tanks. Have added a couple of crypt plants in the cutest little pots, Java moss, Mayaca and a nice bit of driftwood
AccessoriesTank is a Blue Planet Kingdom 100, dimensions 66cm x 38cm x 49cm (26in x 15in x 19in)
100W Thermosafe Aqua One heater
Aqua One Stellar 110 air pump with small air stone
FoodGranulated and flake style tropical fish food, cucumber, peas, algae wafers
From essjay on 01/13/13
Thanks bayhay =D Worked out well I thought
From bayhay69 on 01/12/13
I love the plant around your filter !!! Very cOOl !!
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