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New 150g tank
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NameNew 150g tank
Size600 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Inhabitants3 x Tiger Oscar, 1 x Longfin Tiger Oscar, 1 x Silwer Arowana, 2 x Severum, 1 x Leapord Pleco
Filtration20g sump with over flow
Lighting1 x 28W T5 Coral Blue, 2 x 15W T5 White
Temperature24-26 degrees Celsuis
DecorRock, Plastic plants, Live plants
AccessoriesHeater in sump, Power head for additional circulation
FoodFeeder fish and various dried food
From willertac on 03/02/14
Love the fish and setup!
From jaysee on 09/16/13
i saw this pic on the site and thought it was of mine :-)
From aussieJJDude on 03/09/13
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