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26 Gallon Sorority
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Name26 Gallon Sorority
Size26 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
FertilizerFlourish Comp.
Inhabitants4 Pygmy Cories
7 Female Bettas
4 Endlers
FiltrationAquaclear 50
LightingTwo 15watt t-8 flourescents
DecorJava fern, java moss, christmas moss, lace java fern, rotala whallichi, rotala indica, anubias nana petit, money wort, penny wort, anarchis, water wisteria, water sprite, dwarf baby tears, pygmy chain sword
AccessoriesDriftwood, cocount hut, breeder net, 100w hydor theo
FoodOmega One tropical, API bottom feeder pellets, New Life Spectrum Betta
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