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100 ltr Community
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Name100 ltr Community
Size38 Gallons
C02 Systemyeast-based with Nutrafin ladder
FertilizerSeachem excel, Flourish, trace & Iron
Inhabitants2 Pearl Gouramis, 1 honey Gourami, 3 red line torpedo barbs, 2 SAE's, 2 Boesmani rainbows, 5 peppered & 3 albino cories, 4 guppies, 6 neon tetras & a few nerite snails
Filtrationinteral power filter
Lighting26KW white
Decora couple of rocks, variety of plants, bogwood.
Foodfrozen bloodworm & brineshrimp, freeze-dried bloodworm, flakes, algae wafers, micro pellets etc
From aunt kymmie on 07/28/09
Beautiful pic. Would love for you to post more pics as it seems it's a spectacular looking tank!
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