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NameJUWEL 125
Size29 Gallons
InhabitantsTiger Barbs
Zebra Danio
False Penguin Tetra
Sailfin Plec (if my I.D is correct)
Pictus Catfish
Rainbow Shark
FiltrationThe Fluval 4 Plus Underwater Filter - Main
A little sponge filter 320L/h - temp to keep bacteria alive
Lighting2 X Aqua One Sunlight 30W T8
Temperature26 Degrees
100W Heater
75W Heater (temp)
DecorFake Plants
Fake Log (owned by the rainbow shark)
Driftwood for the plec
AccessoriesAir stone
FoodAlgae Wafers
Flake and pellets
bloodworm and brine shrimp as a treat (after WWC)
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