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"Gee, Honey, it's BIG."
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Name"Gee, Honey, it's BIG."
Size75 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish comprehensive
Inhabitants6 black widow tetras
7 serpae tetras
10 bloodfin tetras
FiltrationEheim 2217 canister
LightingTwo T5 flourescent 48" bulbs, 6,700K and the other "color enhancing" until I can figure out how to get it out!
Temperature77-78 degrees F
DecorCaribsea Eco complete substrate (not really sand) and some gravel
River rock, bogwood, & pebbles my boys collect
AccessoriesCabomba caroliniana
Java fern
Bacopa caroliniana (I think)
Marimo moss ball
Vallisneria spiralis
2 varieties of Echinodorus
Crypt spiralis
Anubias nana
FoodFlakes, micro pellets, blood worms, brine shrimp, daphnia
From willow on 12/09/13
lovely aquarium,and hello kitty :-)
From DeboraBremner on 12/09/13
Beautiful tank!!
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