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Fire belly Vivarium
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NameFire belly Vivarium
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY
FertilizerCompost substrate
Inhabitants6 Fire Belly Toads (bombadina Orientalis)
Cherry Shrimp colony (neocaridina heteropoda)
Guppie colony
3 Dwarf indian puffers
Temple Plant (hygrophilia Corymbosa)
Red Ludwegia (ludwegia repens x. "palustris")
Copper Crypts
Rotala Indica
Java Moss
FiltrationTetra in tank 40 gallon filter
In Tank home made aquaponic filter
air powered sponge filter
Lighting60w floro
Temperature82 F
Decordriftwood, granite, slate
Foodflake, tubifex, crickets, wingless fruit flies
From aussieJJDude on 08/07/13
AWESOME! :) Nice tat!
From KatSea on 03/17/13
From Erin8D on 06/21/11
I want this tank. Thank you. Hahaha just kidding it's great though! :D *thumbs way up*
From doggyhog on 10/20/10
Really amazing!!!
From konstargirl on 06/20/10
Awesome! It's very pretty. ^^
From Aqua Jon on 04/17/10
This is truly great!
From fighttest on 09/24/09
thats such a pretty environment i dont know what a aquaponic filter is but it seems cool too. i wish i had the knowledge to be able to set up a tank like this
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