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Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFish Poop
Inhabitants12 Male fancy guppies
3 pregnant female fancy guppies (If they overpopulate too much I will be a local free fish store)
2 3" banneded Gourami (I think there banded they were sold to me as Rainbow Gourami)
2 1.5" Dalmatian Mollies
2 .75" freshwater flounder
1 .75" glo fish
2 .25" Neon Tetra
1 3"zigzag eel (Finally found out what he was)
1 2" Raphael Catfish
2 1.5 Rainbow Sharks
2 .50" Clown Loach
1 .75" left over Rosy Red Feeder fish
1 male fiddler crab
1 female fiddler crab
8 large freshwater clams
Filtration2 aquaclear 50 filters which filter 400 gallons per hor
DecorLots of plants and fake plats
Accessoriestwo 150 watt heaters 3 foot of air stone
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