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Mom's Tank
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NameMom's Tank
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants3 Bala's, 2 Red tips, 1 Albino Red tip, 2 Blue Gourami's, 3 Auratus African Cichlid, Plecostomus,
FiltrationTetra whisper 40-60
LightingUV lighting
Temperature76 degrees
DecorLarge driftwood with hollow insides, lots of medium to small rocks, one fake tree stump for hiding, 4 artificial plants, and live 1 El Nino Fern, 1 tropical fern and a 1 Anubia
AccessoriesPrime, API Algaefix, Tetra easy strips for water testing, API Aquarium Salt
Food API Cichlid pellets, Omega One Freeze Dried Blood Worms, TetraMin Tropical Crips
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