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110 gall0n set-up
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Name110 gall0n set-up
Size110 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
Fertilizerfish poop
Inhabitants4 oscars, 2 convict, 1 neon jewel, 1 striped raphael catfish. 2 pleco
Filtration3 HOB (pengiun 250,350,&aquaclear70)

3 canisters Fluval 106, &205 and a rena filstar xpL (xp3)
Lightingoverhead florecent and a clip on light
Temperature81 degrees
Decorfake rocks, castle, spongebob ect
Accessories2 air pumps and different air "things" and a color changing led light for night
Foodblood worms, freeze dried shrimp, crisps, flake, floating, alge tabs,sinking shrimp pellets, granuals ect..
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