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Mikes 50 Gal
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NameMikes 50 Gal
Size50 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
InhabitantsOpiline Gourmi x3
Neon Tetra x?
Black Skirt Tetra x?
Headlight Tetra x?
Dalmation lyretale Mollies x4
FiltrationPenguin 350 x2
LightingLED multi-color
DecorFake log. Anubis on fake driftwood. rocks. Moneywort, Brazilian Pennywort.
Accessoriesin process
FoodOmega One Super Color flakes
From RobertTheFish on 07/17/13
I like it. Simplicity. I could take a note here. I tend to clutter my tanks up with a jungle.
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