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Paradise of Bleeding Hearts
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NameParadise of Bleeding Hearts
Size96 Gallons
C02 System4 Pound Bottle, 60 bubbles/min.
InhabitantsHyphessobrycon eryhtrostigma (9)
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi (22)
Paracheirodon innesi (20)
Inpaichtys kerri (7)
Filtrationfoam material, pump 50 gl./h
Lighting1 x 54W T5, 4000 K
1 x 54W T5, 5800 K
Temperature25 C / 76 F
FoodFrozen Food, Flakes.
From willow on 03/25/14
paradise is right. :-)
From aussieJJDude on 02/07/14
Woe, those tetras look so cute! Love all the foliage, it like a SA jungle! >_
From AxelG on 03/06/13
I have installed the 4-pound bottle in November 2012 and i hope, it lasts 1 year (until Nov. 2013). Maybe I can decrease the injection to 30 bpm, if the plants are growing to fast! :-)
From MoneyMitch on 03/05/13
sick looking tank, 60 bpm on a 4lb tank. how long does that last you?
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