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my aquaria
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Namemy aquaria
Size30 Gallons
C02 Systemno
Inhabitantstwo female guppies+two pictus cats+two red skirtcolumbia tetra+skirt tetra+skirt glowfish tetra+peco...+two paradise+ghost knife+small snail thats nowhere to be found lol
Filtrationaqueon 50 power hang on filter
Lightingstandard with a hood probably pushing minimal watts
Temperature75 to 80
Decordriftwood with resinated alligator head found on ebay with 2 stones an 2 rocks an three tall fake plants
Accessoriessmall pump in right corner to maximize water flow, green led with glo in dark gravel an bubble wand for back
Foodtetramin flakes tetramin pellets frozen misus shrimp
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