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Size4 Gallons
C02 Systemnormal air flow pumps with air rocks
Fertilizer Aqua master plant food
Inhabitantsglass fish, guppies, silver sharks, ghost fish, clown loachs, angel fish, red tailed barbs, neons, wing fish, glass cat fish, Pakistani cat/looking fish, several assorted sucker fish and a couple others unsure of the names/breeds.
FiltrationAqua one 200-320 litre
Lighting4 foot fluresant
Temperature25-27degrees celcius
Decorvarius live plants, (substrate is a mix of gravel, crushed coral, large coloured pebbles, several artificial plants, mountain water pump orniment with spinning wheel, hiding cave, sand stone rocks
Accessoriesmesh breeding box
Foodmix of - Aqua magic granulate tropical fish food and Tropical 8mix SUPERVIT flakes
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